Your Short Sale Partner, for achieving greater success!

We appreciate and encourage other Realtors, Attorneys, and Investors to partner with us. Perhaps 75% of our business is acting solely as the Bank Negotiator on behalf of other agents representing both the homeowner and the buyer. Unless the attorney specializes in Short Sales, we are a great option for servicing their files.
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Your Partner to Successfully Closing Your Short Sales.

Short Sale Advocates, LLC provides expert assistance for the Realtor and Homeowner. We handle everything – initial consult with homeowner, document collection, communication with all parties and negotiations. We coordinate the process with the homeowner, listing agent and buyer’s agent.

Advanced Systems

We, ourselves, are Realtors, so we know your obligations as a Realtor and have developed systems that also work with lienholder requirements.


We are excellent at communicating with all parties involved on a regular basis, so that you are not stuck wondering what is happening with your file.

Dedicated Service

We not only process your Short Sale, we help you from the time you have a Short Sale prospect. We can speak with your prospect to determine what direction would be best for their situation, helping you have a successful listing from the very beginning.

Expert Verbiage

We have developed verbiage for your Listing Agreement, for your Short Sale listing, and for your Buyer’s offer that will avoid a lienholder from asking for a rewrite or Amendment (they do not like Amendments!) before the Approval Letter will be issued.

Strong Relationships

Over the last 16 years, we have developed relationships with the Executive Offices and/or Escalation Departments of most lienholders and Investors such as FHA.

Personal Care

You can continue to concentrate on your Real Estate business while we take good care of your Short Sale file.

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