Do you live in Florissant, MO or other areas of North St. Louis County? Do you need to sell your home? Is your loan more than the market value of your home?

Short Sale in Florissant MO

Well, we are Short Sale Advocates, LLC – and your EXPERT in the area of resolving these issues for you. We DO NOT charge the homeowner/seller!

We have been successfully assisting people in this situation for over 15 yrs now. Once we get involved, you will feel a great sense of relief –we take over that stress on your behalf! Really! That is what people tell us constantly! They can just wait for our notices of the progress on their situation. We deal directly with the lienholder!

Recent Short Sale in Florissant MO

A woman’s father has just entered Assisted Living and will probably soon go into Skilled Care. He has a mild case of
dementia, but many health issues. She does have a Power of Attorney (POA), and, in the event of his death, she also does have a Trust. He was a hoarder. She did get the home cleaned out and was referred to us. We received what is called a Third Party Authorization allowing us to have conversations and negotiations with the bank just as if we were the homeowner.

On behalf of the homeowner. The home was listed and an offer is pending. Once we receive all of the documents, we will present them to the lienholder. Other than regularly updating the homeowner’s POA, the buyer’s agent and the listing agent along with the Title Co, the POA no longer have to contact the bank or anyone else. We have taken on that burden and will negotiate the offer and get the file to closing. The process could take 3 months or perhaps less, but we will know more once all needed documents and offer are submitted.

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